Craig Warme


About Craig Warme

Craig Warme is an Electrical Journeyman based in Southern New Hampshire. He is both talented and passionate about his profession, showcasing how one can find a career path they love. Among Craig’s many skills, there’s NEC Code proficiency, field installation expertise, Branch Circuit Wiring, and blueprint reading. In addition to his work, Craig is an avid sports fan. He loves spending time on physical activities, especially if it gets him outside.

Professionally, Craig Warme is extremely concerned about quality. It is imperative to Craig that he adds value to any design, be it a new construction project or a remodel. Lighting is often one of the most overlooked elements of any interior design project. This typically ends with lackluster results. As an Electrical Journeyman, Craig has made it his mission to ensure this element isn’t overlooked. This includes staying updated on the latest trends, knowing all the tricks of the trade, and providing quality results. Overall, Craig has earned a reputation for his quick response times, his appreciation for safety, and always meeting client expectations and needs.

Craig Warme’s professional journey began in 2017. He signed on as an Electrical Apprentice for D.R. Electric. He stayed with D.R. Electric for two years. During this time, he assisted a journeyman electrician and followed instructions. This included assessing electrical situations using testing devices, blueprints, and maps. He also installed and maintained various electrical wiring systems and equipment.

Following his time as an Apprentice, Craig Warme graduated to become an Electrical Journeyman. This happened in October 2019. In this new role, he signed on with A.B. Precision Electric. His new duties included testing electrical systems where issues were potentially occurring, confirming their safety, and ensuring compatibility. This called for Craig to document actions, test results, and observations, among other responsibilities. Naturally, all this was done by maintaining a safe work environment by adhering to all company guidelines and OSHA safety requirements.

While Craig Warme excels in meeting these requirements, he prefers to take it a step further. He is passionate about diagnosing and repairing any issues his client may be dealing with. Likewise, Craig thrives in both residential and commercial environments, as they offer different problems and solutions. Finally, and as mentioned above, Craig enjoys providing premium customer service and lighting results. It’s something he has come to be incredibly proud of.

Before Craig Warme could chase his dreams as an electrician, he first had to obtain an education. To start with, he attended the Cheshire Career Center (CCC), a highly specialized high school. Following this, Craig focused on learning about his chosen career path. This included studying with NECC and becoming Journeyman Certified (2021).

As an avid sports fan, Craig Warme loves the great outdoors. In the summer, you’ll be more likely to find him on a lake than indoors. Likewise, Craig loves exploring new mountain trails in the winter, especially if his friends can come along. As such, Craig loves building new friendships, as they are a fantastic way to expand our worlds and so much more.

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